What is consciousness?

1. What do I do? (knowledge, „witness“)
2. Why do I do it? (for whom?)
3. Do „I my-SELF“ want to do it?  (my transpersonal core)

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Literature in german:
Tetranthropos, der bewusste Mensch
(BOD-Verlag, Alfred Groff, 2012)

The new online integral Salon is the closure of a day (ususally first wednesday of the month) or a month* of practice, that interested people live in common. They form an “energetic field” together.

* you can choose to practice the first wednesday of the month, every wednesday or even every day

The resolution consists in the auto-observation during the accomplishment of the following tasks during the whole day as a witness and this to develop personal consciousness (self-awareness). These tasks are chosen to represent the different perspectives of an integral human being. You have to consider them as proposals, not as obligations. They can be changed individually or reduced in nombre.

1. I meditate a freely chosen word (term) during three minutes.

2. I try to perceive different opinions with complaisant humour today.

3. I take at least 5 minutes to meditate the sentence « What wants to live through ME ? »

4. I abstain from quick judgments. I try to perceive everything as neutral as if I it would be com-pletely new to me. I watch my thoughts and words.

5. I don’t criticize anything. I try to tolerate patiently difficult people. I concentrate on the positive aspects of reality.

6. I control my inputs. I eat in a healthy way. I don’t eat food like cakes, crisps, chocolate or drink alcohol. I only eat a maximum of three meals and
    nothing in between. I don’t read a daily newspa-per or magazines. I don’t watch TV or listen to any news on the radio.

7. I wake up a sleeping capacity in me. I do something useful I can do, but I do not normally put into practice. I take an initiative besides my daily

8. Many people talk more then necessary. I mainly try to listen today. I swallow once or take a deep breath before talking.

9. I make a gift.

On Wednesday the chosen tasks are my first priority, the everyday duties only come in second place.


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