Organisation of the Integral Salon in Luxembourg

The Integral Salon in Luxembourg is embedded in constant international relations with other integral salons and integral initiatives and it is organisationally supported by the Luxembourgish Society of Transpersonal Psychology (MTK asbl). The salon is constituted by two complementary groups. Participation in the open evenings  is free, regular participation costs either 3 Euro per evening or the yearly membership fee of 30 Euros when becoming a member of the MTK asbl. Adapting to the actual composition the groups can be bi- or multilingual (Luxembourgish, German, French and English). It is not required, however, to master all these languages. For registration and further information please call  phone +352 691 456 789.

Each meeting of the two groups is flexibly composed by 5 core components:

· Sharing current experiences in life and work in a non-evaluative fashion
· Silent or dynamic meditation
· Joint experimentation or exercises and discussions related to a topic agreed upon together
· Reflection on the meeting
· Clarification of the next steps

Each group sets out to deepen a topic across several meetings according to the following guiding questions:

· What is it about? - development of a differentiated understanding (through readings, presentations, discussions)
· How does it feel like? – experiencing through several practical exercises ...
· How can I make it work? – implementation in one’s own life and reflection upon inner and outer effects
· What do we want to retain? – further development of the frame of the Integral Salon and the way to be and work with each other in the groups ...
· What can we share now? - transmission of experiences made, insights gained, practices developed ...